Lighter Fluid (500ml)


  • The product was initially developed to light the barbecue, however it can also be used to light wood in the fireplace.

  • The bottle is filled with odourless kerosene with a flashpoint of over 61°C.

  • A quality product according to DIN EN 1860-3: 2003. A child-resistant packaging, a PET bottle and safety cap according to ISO norm 8317.

  • Sprinkle some liquid upon the charcoal, let it soak and light it. The product does not cause any flashes.

  • On special request we can also fill the bottles with vegetables oils or other types of fuel.

  • The firelighter liquid is available in bottles of 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml.

  • Product Code Units per
    outer case
    per pallet
    40010 12 98

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