Unique Formula Identifier


  • A new element will appear on product labels from January 2020 – a 16-charaxter code called the unique formula identifier (UFI).

    The UFI will be mandatory on the label of all products classified for health or physical hazards.

    The UFI will enable European Poison Centres to identify the composition of any mixture classified as hazardous.

    Mixtures intended for consumer use, within Europe, will require a UFI by January 2020.

    Tiger Tim will look to lead in this important development and generate our UFI’s prior to the deadline.


Tiger Tim Firelogs authorised under the Clean Air Act


  • The government have recently announced new measures to improve air quality and the measures include restrictions on certain wood burning stoves, wood logs and other solid fuel.

    Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) will legislate to prohibit the sale of the most polluting fuels, by introducing a 2% sulphur limit for the sale of all solid domestic fuels and ensure that only the cleanest stoves are available for sale by 2022.

    Legislation on ‘dark smoke’ from chimneys and underused provisions on Smoke Control Areas will be updated to give ‘more flexible, proportionate’ enforcement powers to local government.

    Tiger Tim Firelogs have been tested and authorised by Defra under the Clean Air Act and are recommended for use in Smoke Controlled Areas.

    The smoke emission tests, to BS 3841, confirm Tiger Tim Firelogs emit very low levels of smoke and sulphur.

    The Tiger Tim Firelogs are the ideal alternative to the “dirty/wet” logs the government are attempting to restrict.

    The Tiger Tim Firelogs will not pollute the environment and are approved by Defra for home use.